Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Team CANIDAE Racing Heads to Their First Henderson "250"

The last 2011 race of the Best in the Desert "American Off-Road Racing Series" gets underway this coming Saturday in Henderson, Nevada. The TransWest Ford Henderson "250" takes place on a loop track with the Trophy Truck class covering the course 3 times for a total of 240 miles.

The CANIDAE Off Road Race team and their impressive 850 plus horsepower Trophy Truck are ready for the event. This team has performed well this season and is looking forward to capping off the season with a strong finish.

LIVE BLOGGING ANNOUNCEMENT: Race fans can follow the CANIDAE team’s progress before and during the Henderson "250" race by visiting the team's Facebook page at or Both will feature continual reports and photos direct from the team.

Before drivers take the green flag on Saturday, the City of Henderson will help create a great atmosphere for race fans and families by closing their downtown city streets to regular traffic on Friday allowing race vehicles, contingency sponsors and street vendors to take center stage... (read more)