Wednesday, February 8, 2012

CANIDAE Racing Takes 1st at Dome Valley Sand Drags, Places 13th of 34 in Trick Truck Class

The BITD Parker 425 started a day early this year due to the 1st Annual Tuba Water 4.25 RC race Wednesday night before Time Trials. The CANIDAE Crew had three RC Trucks running this race. This race being Scott Whipple’s first time driving an RC Truck, he had his work cut out for him. After a few heats of battling, Whipple took 2nd in the Best of the Worst heat. A great showing for his first time driving a RC Truck. As the night wrapped up the team headed back to the house to rest up for and exciting day of Time Trials in the morning.

Whipple was 80th off the line of 89 qualifiers, 34 being Trick Trucks while 55 were Class 1500’s. After the practice lap and 79 others tearing up the track it was Whipple’s time to go battle on the rutted, wooped out, silty course. He qualified 44th overall and 19th in the Trick Truck class with a time of 5:54.124 and averaging a speed of 50.83mph.

The following morning Whipple headed to Dome Valley to qualify in the 3rd Annual Dome Valley Top Fuel Shootout. Whipple and the CANIDAE Top Fuel Sand Drag Team are the world record holders. The CANIDAE Trick Truck crew stayed to tech the Trick Truck.

At Dome Valley, the CANIDAE Top Fuel dragster crew blew away the competition with a blistering pass of 2.24 seconds at 169mph in 300ft. This earned Whipple 1st Place Qualifier and a New Track Record. Back in Parker, the Trick Truck passed Tech Inspection and the pit meeting was underway while Whipple was back on the road again to Parker so he could start the Parker 425 in the CANIDAE #95 Trick Truck Saturday morning.

Before sunrise the CANIDAE Team was up and double-checking everything before the start. Whipple started the race and had a great first lap, making good time on the competition... (read more)

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